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Secondment: Maria Ramirez Visited University Of Fribourg

Secondment: Maria Ramirez visited University of Fribourg

During the month of September and continuing with the collaborations, Maria Ramírez (ESR 07; at the right) visited Xhorxhina Shaulli (ESR 10) at the University of Fribourg under the supervision of Prof. Frank Scheffold.

Together they tested different synthesis approaches for the creation of a thermo-responsive microgel in silica nanoparticles, that will act as carriers in cancer diagnosis and therapy.


Below is the Instagram post announcing the secondment. Also in the picture are Aleksandra Adamczyk (ESR 8) who also works at the University of Fribourg and Teun Huijben (ESR 1) who was visiting her at the time. 

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