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Confirmed speakers


Frank ScheffoldUniversity of FribourgUnraveling Responsive Microgel Characteristics and Functionalities through Super-Resolution Microscopy
Susana RochaKU LeuvenImaging the forces driving cellular behaviour: from material characterization to 3D cell models
Rodolphe MarieDTUImaging soft matter particles in a nanofluidic trap
Philip TinnefeldLMU Munich – Beyond FRET: Graphene Energy Transfer for single-molecule studies of DNA-protein interactions
Sophie Marbach Sorbonne UniversityThe Nanocaterpillar’s Random Walk: or how to move precisely with random sticky feet?
Jianfang Wang  – Chinese University of Hong KongPlasmonic Nanocrystals

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Over the last four years, the Supercol Project brought together 15 PhD candidates, 8 Institutes and research institutes, and 9 industrial core partners from all around the world into this European Marie Sklowdowska Curie ITN project.
Celebrating the completion of this Supercol ITN project we invited speakers in the field of nanotechnology and single molecule optics to share the latest status of their research in the final Supercol Symposium – With Light into the Nanoworld.


October 11th 2023
Eindhoven University of Technology
10.00 – 18.00
Including lunch
Free admission (registration required)
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