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First Live Workshop On Colloidal Particle Synthesis

First live workshop on colloidal particle synthesis

Last week, SuperCol organized its first LIVE workshop in Mainz! After a year with multiple online meetings, this was the first occasion on which we all finally met in person. In real life, everyone was even nicer than on Zoom!

During the week, the ESRs were educated on colloidal synthesis and characterization, enjoying great lectures given by the faculty from MPI Polymer in Mainz and HiQ-Nano in Lecce, Italy. Next to these interesting lectures, the ESRs got hands-on lab experience in synthesizing silica and polystyrene nanoparticles. They also did a tour to the ‘sacred’ basement of MPIP to see the new impressive cryo-TEM! During the breaks and the lunches, lots of research ideas were exchanged and collaborations explored.

In addition to all the science, there was plenty of time for social activities to get to know everyone better and learn about each other’s non-academic skills in the field of laser tag.

Given this milestone in the SuperCol project, we devoted a whole article to it, written by our science writer Harm Ikink from partner Element C. Check it out!

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