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Dr. Emanuela Zaccarelli is a Research Director at the CNR Institute for Complex Systems. She graduated in Physics in 1999 at la Sapienza University and obtained her PhD in Physical Chemistry in 2002 from the University College Dublin, Ireland. She was the first recipient of the Soft Matter Lectureship in 2009 for her important contributions in the field of colloidal gels and glasses. Her research activity on microgels has received funding from the European Research Council with a Consolidator Grant in 2015 ( She is an expert in theory and simulations of soft matter systems, including colloids, polymers, clays, proteins, particularly focused in the study of effective interactions and collective behavior and dynamics of these systems. She has supervised several Ph.D. students and post-doctoral researchers, also within previous Marie-Sklodowska ITN projects. Her complete list of publications is available at

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