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Rodolphe Marie is Associate professor and group leader at DTU Health Tech, the department for health technology at the Technical University of Denmark. He obtained his PhD from DTU in 2004 for working with microcantilever sensors under supervision of Anja Boisen at the Department of micro and nanotechnology. In 2004, he was a Post Doctoral fellow in Lund, Sweden, at the department for solid-state physics with Jonas Tegenfeldt and Fredrik Höök working with microfluidics and localized plasmon sensors.

In 2008 he joined the group of Anders Kristensen at DTU and was appointed assistant professor. He worked with nanofluidics and made his main contribution to micro- and nanofluidics with the optical mapping of genomic DNA through national (‘Polynano, DSF) and international (‘READNA’ and ‘CELLOMATIC’ EU) collaborations. He was appointed Associate Professor in 2012 and became independent group leader in 2017. His research focuses on using micro- and nanofluidics devices to handle biological particles at all scales and facilitate their visualization by optical imaging.

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