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Ingo Lieberwirth studied physics at the University of Dortmund. He obtained his diploma in 1997 with a thesis on selected metallization of polymer surfaces under the supervision of Prof. J. Petermann.

During this work he came into contact with electron microscopy of polymers for the first time. In 2001 he finished his PhD at the Technical University of Eindhoven in the group of Prof. P. Lemstra on orientation induced crystallization of semi-crystalline polymers. Subsequently he joined the group of Prof. Wegner at the MPI-P. In 2006 he became head of the electron microscopy group at the MPI-P and he is vice-speaker of the electron microscopy center Mainz (EMZM).

Besides his work in electron microscopy, his research activities comprise polymer controlled crystallization of anorganic minerals, structure formation of self assembled polyelectrolytes in aqueous solution, interaction of nanoparticles with the cell membrane, visualization of the protein corona and crystallization of precision polymers.

Portrait of Ingo Lieberwirth
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