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ESR 07 : Maria Ramirez

My name is Maria Ramírez Biotechnology Engineer, born, raised and loving Mexico. From my childhood I knew that I wanted to be a scientist, combining biological and exact sciences. That is why after my university studies I decided to continue with a postgraduate degree focused on materials sciences and engineering, at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), in Moscow, Russia, where I spent two wonderful years and had the opportunity to do a research stay at Toyo University in Tokyo, Japan.

My interests are more in the bionanotechnology area. First of all, my degree thesis was based on the green synthesis of silver nanoparticles and their antimicrobial activity, which is now under study with the creation of the first micro-company that commercializes biotechnology products in my state. For my postgraduate thesis, I worked with carbon-based nanomaterials: single-walled nanotubes and carbon-coated iron nanoparticles, for gene therapy and magnetic hyperthermia therapy respectively.

For this new project, I am sure that it will give me great satisfaction, being able to apply my knowledge and acquire many more together with such admirable people. Scaling an idea from the laboratory to industry is something that excites me a lot, not to mention that I will continue with the cultural exchange that has given me so many experiences.

My life motto is: Do what you really love.

Project topic: Tailored synthesis and functionalisation of nano-and microscopic colloidal particles

Colloidal particles are microscopic or even nanoscopic-sized particles whose surfaces can be functionalised to deliver and release drugs or bind pathogens and biomarkers at the target site, opening potential for powerful diagnostic and therapeutic systems.

This project seeks to get a closer look at colloidal surfaces both visually and with receptor chemistry in order to aid development of these particle systems. To this end the project will combine super-resolution microscopy, colloidal sciences, and advanced modelling to (a) control, (b) visualize and quantify, and (c) rationally design surface-functionality to advance particle-based biomedical applications.

Home country


SuperCol partner

HiQ nano


Primary advisor HiQ-Nano: Dr PierPaolo Pompa
Secondary advisor HiQ-Nano: Dr. Maria Ada Malvindi
Primary advisor Università del Salento: Prof. Giuseppe Agostino Mele

Starting date

December 23rd, 2020


  • DTU May 2022
  • UFribourg September 2022
  • KuLueven April-May 2023
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