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First Publications From SuperCol ESRs Have Appeared Online!

First publications from SuperCol ESRs have appeared online!

Less than one year after the start of SuperCol research the first articles are already appearing. In the past weeks two pre-prints have appeared online:

The first article is co-authored by Pierre Cybulski from the KU Leuven. The article describes chemical methods to functionalize particles with biomolecules (antibodies) and studies the efficiency with which the particles “find” cancer cells. A pre-print of the article can be found here:

The second article is authored by Rodrigo Rivas-Barbosa from Sapienza University of Rome. The article uses a combination of experimental and numerical methods to show that the morphology of microgels can be tuned to control their structure and interactions. This will pave the way to explore new collective behaviour in microgels. A pre-print of the article can be found here:

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