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Secondment: Aleksandra Adamczyk In Denmark

Secondment: Aleksandra Adamczyk in Denmark

In order to achieve a multidisciplinary and intersectoral training of the ESR’s in the SuperCol network, each ESR experiences short internships at the SuperCol partner organizations and industrial beneficiaries. Following the SuperCol annual meeting in Copenhagen, Aleksandra Adamczyk (ESR 8) stayed in Denmark to start her secondment at the Technical University of Denmark to collaborate with Teun Huijben (ESR 1) and Masih Fahim (ESR 2).

Teun explained Aleksandra about the PSF fitting method that he developed to determine the orientation of a fluorophore. The two then focused on calculating the PSF shape for a system with an oriented fluorophore and a gold nanoparticle. “We looked at different parameters and we chose the best one for the DNA origami design I developed”, Aleksandra explains. During her stay in Copenhagen, she also worked in the lab with Masih, tuning the parameters for DNA PAINT measurements, and sharing some protocols and the lab experience. According to Aleksandra “it was a great chance to be immersed in a different environment with people facing similar challenges from another perspective”.

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