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ESR 03 : Sarojini Mahajan

I was born on 29th January 1995 in New Delhi, India. As a kid, I was always curious to know the basic questions related to life, birth, planets, universe, colors, light and I loved watching night sky (which I still do at times). My curious mind encouraged me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Physics.

I completed my bachelor’s from Miranda House, University of Delhi, India. Then, in August 2016, I moved to Germany for my master’s degree in Physics from RWTH Aachen University. My master’s thesis was based on imaging performance analysis of a laboratory scale soft x-ray (SXR) microscopy at Fraunhofer Institute of Laser Technology, Aachen. Afterwards, I got an opportunity to do an internship based on ultrafast THz- Scanning Tunneling Microscopy at the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, Berlin which ended in March 2020. All these scientific exposure boosted my curiosity about light-matter interactions to deeply understand our mother nature. This can be accomplished by experimental research work and observations and microscopy is one such fields which allows us to see world beyond your imagination through light/ electrons. For this reason, I applied for this PhD position at TU/e in the SuperCol project. This consortium is a unique platform to enhance my scientific skills and get both industrial and academic exposure during my PhD.

Project topic: Correlative Super Resolution Microscopy to Unravel Particle-Induced Mislocalizations

The project aims to understand the mislocalization of emitter position at the particle interface using single molecule localization microscopy. Correlative microscopy using super resolution microscopy and AFM will be used to image the particle interface from two different perspectives and give an insight into particle-emitter coupling. The results will be compared to numerical models throughout the project.

Home country:


SuperCol partner

Eindhoven University of Technology


Dr. Peter Zijlstra

Starting date:

June, 2020


  • None yet


  • SuperCol kick-off meeting, November 2020 (online)
  • Single-Molecule Sensors and NanoSystems International Conference 2020 (online)


  • DTU, 12-15, 2021, 4 months (Planned)
  • Delmic, 22-24, 2022, 3 months (Planned)
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