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ESR 12: Vincenzo Lamberti

As a experimental physicist, I’ve completed my Bachelor and Master degrees in Solid State Physics at University “La Sapienza” in Rome. Working in laboratory has allowed me to develop interest in liquids theory, disordered systems, and experimental environments. During my thesis, I have investigated DNA-made hyperbranched polymers with two distinct light-scattering techniques.

Interests and motivations ITN Marie-Curie project represents the perfect op- portunity to cooperate with other Universities, Industries, Third Countries and students from all the world. To take part in this innovative training network will be a high opportunity for myself to share thoughts and find solutions with other ESRs, to have a complete formation as experimental physicist, and to acquire high added value thanks to the vast training program.

Project topic: Light-controlled deterministic particle functionalization

This project consist in a two-step process where colloidal particles are deterministi- cally patterned on a sensor surface, and then deterministically functionalized using photochemical reactions. Photo-sensitive substrates will be developed to induce a light-patterned immobilized-particle array. Following, different photo-triggered molecular compounds will be used to achieve light-controlled functionalization at the single-particle level.

Home country


SuperCol partner

Eindhoven University of Technology


Dr. Peter Zijlstra

Starting date

August 1st, 2020


  • Max Planck Institute for Physics (MPIP), supervised by Katharina Landfester, August 2021, duration 3 months.
  • NanoSeeds (NS), supervised by Jianfang Wang, April 2022, duration 3 months.
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