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ESR 06 : Francesca Mazzotta

In 2018 I recived my BSc in Chemistry from University of Rome “Tor Vergata” after briefly working on developing a novel PVA-based hydrogel for cultural heritage applications under Prof. Palleschi and Prof. Paradossi supervision. I continued my studies doing a Master in Chemistry in the same university. My master’s project was done in Sweden in Lund University under Prof. Linse supervision. Here I worked with Amyloid  42 studying its aggregation using Luminescent Conjugated Oligothiophenes, a novel set of dye which has shown the potential of detecting amyloid intermediate structures. In order to study this system I have implemented a python script which can quickly analyze the data and extract the time scale on which the intermediates appear. During my time in Sweden, I came across the SuperCol project and decided to apply in order to learn about super resolution microscopy and expand my knowledge in a new and fascinating field.

Project topic: Advanced Colloid Synthesis

My work will develop Janus Nanoparticles which are colloids with an anisotropic structure. In order to synthesize these particles, I will master the miniemulsion – solvent evaporation technique applying it to functionalized co-polymers. The success of this work will allow us to generate functionalized nanoparticles with a defined and controlled surface chemistry.

Home country


SuperCol partner

Max Plank Institute for Polymer Research


Dr. Ingo Lieberwirth

Starting date

October 1st, 2020


None yet


  • SuperCol kick-off meeting, November 2020 (online)


  • BluSense Diagnostics, Summer 2021, 1 month
  • KU Leuven, Summer 2022, 2 months
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