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Secondment: Maria Ramirez Visits Technical University Of Denmark

Secondment: Maria Ramirez visits Technical University of Denmark

In May, Maria Ramirez (ESR 7) visited the Technical University of Denmark to collaborate with Masih Fahim (ESR 2). In order to achieve a multidisciplinary and intersectoral training of the ESR’s in the SuperCol network, each ESR experiences short internships at the SuperCol partner organizations and industrial beneficiaries.

The collaboration between Maria and Masih started in fact in April, when Masih visited HiQ-Nano in Lecce, Italy, to learn the synthesis methods that Maria had implemented. So later by visiting him in May at DTU, the two of them could analyze the results using high-resolution microscopy techniques. According to Maria: “I admit that this was much more fun and enriching than I expected”. She even learned a bit of Matlab for the beads analysis (dye contained in the nanoparticles). “We now can optimize some synthesis parameters for further studies. I thank Masih, Professor Rodolphe, and every member of his group for making this experience unforgettable.”

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