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ESR 05 : Sakshi Tyagi

Originally from India, right after school, I always wanted to become a scientist and opt for research as my career since this field never ceased to amaze me. In order to chase my dreams, I went for undergraduate studies in Chemistry from University of Delhi India where I was drawn closer to the subject and realised that I would enjoy working with it. After accomplishing good scores in competitive examinations for post-graduate studies, I got the opportunity to learn more and perform well-structured research simultaneously at one of the prestigious institutes of my country; the Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi India.

My master’s thesis at IIT Mandi involved specialisation in physical chemistry where I studied and worked upon the fundamentals of Carbon Dots which are nano-meter sized fluorescent carbon nanomaterials. I was fortunate to work on advanced fluorescence microscopes and other physical spectroscopy instruments for characterisation of the carbon dots which helped me suit well with the SuperCol project recruitment requirements and also, for a smooth start with my PhD at KU Leuven under the guidance of Prof. Dr Johan Hofkens. The ITN SuperCol project is a brilliant consortium because it establishes a well-structured training network for early-stage researchers like me and helps in developing strong networks with leading R&D labs and companies across Europe, which would definitely prove to be a boost for my future endeavours.

Project topic: Design and synthesis of multilayer mixed-action colloids

Home country


SuperCol partner

KU Leuven


Prof. Dr. Johan Hofkens

Starting date

July 6th, 2020


None yet


  • SuperCol kick-off meeting, November 2020 (online)
  • National Conference on Environment Management: Sustainable Approach, April 2016, Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi (Poster Presentation)


  • HiQ-Nano
  • University of Fribourg
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